Khairat AlShamal Poultry & Feed Company

The beginnings since 1982, under the supervision of the father, "Haj Arshid Hamad Arqan" and was a traditional poultry breeders and follow-up his work , he made a quantum leap in terms of breeding and care to develop and Promote this sector, (_H) Sought Represented by its chairman, Mr. Khairou Ershid Al-Arqan since 1997, Provide specialized Staff of veterinarians and agricultural engineers in addition to using the latest Technological devices to follow up the processes of breeding and preparation closely to reach the highest levels of care .

In 2006, we were licensed as a poultry and feed producer to cover part of the local market needs within international standards and specifications.

As part of the comprehensive development plan, the poultry breeding cycle was completed, Started by raising the mother's chickens breeding establishing a plant feeding Factory, and to make a technique incubator to Hatching the eggs and working to develop all methods of breeding and care, As part of the continuous pursuit to offer a competitor product in the market.

The feed, which is 100% vegetable, is mixed and distributed to the company's farms, where the feed complies with local and international specifications

increasing the breeding amount, means increasing the quantity of processed fodder and increasing the number of the farms, whether poultry, ovulate chickens, or mothers, in order to promote the national economy, Working on employment and train the youths , and contribute to reducing the unemployment rate of all kinds based on the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein.