Broilers chicken Department

There are major things that are not less important than each other so that together create a suitable environment for the breeding of broiler poultry. The company seeks through a specialized staff of veterinarians and agricultural engineers to strive for the continuous development and the formation of a suitable environment for breeding through:

  • Provide a Health accommodation which Is the place dedicated to breeding, and the company has been keen to provide closed halls and equipped with the latest technology.

  • Trough: These are vessels in which plant feed is collected and produced for poultry automatically.

  • Stripes: It is an automatic system that provides water to poultry and ensure the drink to all poultry in the yards, knowing that the cleansing and purification of water and treatment of bacteria to avoid the occurrence of diseases.

  • Ventilation and heating: The key systems to ensure ventilation and obtain a suitable temperature for the poultry growth so that both systems (heating and ventilation) Supports to prevent infection of poultry during the period of growth, by fighting moisture inside the cells and reduce the presence of harmful insects.

We pride ourselves in Khairat Al Shamal Company that our producer of chicken is fed on vegetable feed and with specifications and standards that conform to local and international standards.